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You Don’t Know Berlin Until You’ve Seen the Wall

Sure, we’ve read about the Nazi regime in history books and expressed our disgust with their leader’s hate. Have we really, though, delved into the events that led up to World War II? My answer is no.

My first visit to Berlin, Germany included a visit to the wall. While the bulk of the structure is no more, there are remnants of what used to be a barrier and blatant symbol of cultural division. While some can see a historical structure and quickly move forward from the viewing, I am not that type of person. I was awestruck by the ruins of the wall and my mind immediately went into imagination mode.

What was life like for Germans who did not agree with the Nazi regime’s agenda? We often hear of the Jewish experience in Germany during Adolf Hitler’s rule, and rightfully so, but we don’t often hear of those German residents who were in stark opposition to the country’s stance. Perhaps they desired to leave the country but couldn’t because of financial constraints and social obligations that kept them there. Maybe they worked up the courage to be brave and hide their Jewish friends right before witnessing the plight of their neighbors who were discovered in violation of the law.

We never truly know why people decide to be silent when they should take action and vice versa but one thing is for certain: the Berlin wall gives a whole new perspective on what life could have been like during Nazi Germany. You have to see the historic monument to truly appreciate it.