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Why Berlin?

There is so much to Berlin that does not meet the eye. Many believe that the city was founded in sometime during the thirteenth century, but recent discoveries suggest otherwise. Some excavations from an archaeological project in 2008  date back to 1183, which makes people believe that remnants of the ancient German city go back to the twelfth century. The news is quite significant because of its most recent discovery in this twenty-first century. Such is the reason why Berlin is so unique.

While other cities are settling into their rich heritage, this town is still evolving. The region has certainly experienced its fair share of ups and downs as Berlin was the epicenter of the Nazi world that rocked the world. One of the most popular concentration camps,  Sachsenhausen-Oranienburg, was located just thirty-five miles out from Berlin and held thousands of Jews captive for several months. Many of the marginalized were killed while at this and similar camps. The survivors were left with horrible memories that they reluctantly shared with their children and grandchildren.

Berlin has certainly earned a name for itself in the most horrible way but it has also redeemed itself among residents. The city openly supports the country’s Bundesliga soccer league that has one of the highest averages in the country. Berlin is also home to some of the most fascinating parks. One look at the Tiergarten park and all of your worries will fade away. The Viktoriapark also has the peaceful effect that many residents and visitors seek.

It is quite astonishing that an area known for immense chaos can also be a territory where incredible peace resides but that is the Berlin way. Camaraderie is the norm and hospitality is key in this society that continues to shock the world with its dynamics.

One thing that certainly takes avid shoppers by surprise is Berlin’s options. The city is home to Europe’s largest department store, called Kaufthaus des Westens (KaDeWe), that is 60,000 square meters large. Imagine a store where you can find everything that your heart desired: that retail spot is KaDeWe. The cuisine is also fabulous. In addition to excellent sausages, Berlin has great beer and desserts from which tourists can choose. The culinary scene is so diverse in choices that tourists never get bored. You can have great sausage in the morning and fabulous dessert at night in Berlin.

While the cuisine is good and the shopping options are endless, it is the residents of Berlin who make an outsider feel welcome. In all of my years of visiting Berlin, I have never been given the cold shoulder or excluded from an activity simply because I was not a native. These people embrace you at soccer games and are always willing to lend a helping hand. The exclusive restaurants here are second-to-none in taste and service. Hosts and hostesses treat you like royalty the moment that you step into their establishment and waiters roll out the red carpet for the purpose of making you feel comfortable. Even the casual pubs and diners are welcoming as residents give you a sense of belonging as you drink and eat alongside them.

There are many places in the world to visit but few provide the dynamics of Berlin. In this city, you have food, shopping, and culture rolled in one. The ancient history of the town is on public display at all times, which makes it all the more appealing to visitors.