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The Topography of Terror is Not What You Think

Just when you think that life in Germany was bad during the Nazi’s reign, you thought wrong. Life in Berlin wasn’t bad: it was atrocious. The Topography of Terror shows some of the most horrifying moments of Adolf Hitler’s reign. From the day that he and his Nazi party forced thousands of Jewish residents to dig their own graves right before shooting them in the back to the day that he ordered thousands of mothers and children to the gas chambers where they took their final breaths, it’s all here.

I enjoy coming to this exhibit every time I visit Berlin because of its rich history. While it is true that not everything in the past is beautiful, it is important to note that such ugliness was necessary to get us to the present day. History always has a way of repeating itself when not remembered. The Topography of Terror is an essential tourist attraction that reminds us of the dark past all while inspiring us to reach for a more hopeful future.