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Stand in Awe of the Glass that is the Reichstag Building

German architect is fabulous from top to bottom. The Reichstag building is a testament to such beauty with its dome made out of glass. This historic home of Parliament has been around for centuries and does not spare when it comes to majesty. The Reichstag building cooperates with nature by being the shining light when the sun is out and the image of gloom on stormy days. Many tourists make the location their final stop so as to keep the memories of the scenery fresh long after they have left Berlin.

Like any other historical site, the Reichstag building will make you consider the times in which it was built. How did Parliament keep secrets while surrounded by a glass dome? Did they make use of large curtains? The last question is more of a design inquiry than historical interest, but you get my point.  The Reichstag building is a symbol of Berlin, Germany’s majesty.