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About me

Numbers were always my “thing” but traveling has always been my passion. I remember my life as an up-and-coming scholar where everyone looked to me for the right answer in math and I usually did not disappoint. There was never a question of whether I would pursue a career in finance: the dilemma came when my love for tourism began to develop.

My first trip to another country came at the tender age of fifteen. My parents decided to tour South America in a two-week trip that was organized to the tee. Although I wasn’t in favor of being told when and where to go on vacation, I looked forward to seeing new sites and meeting people of different cultures. South America did not disappoint as every region had something different to offer. Buenos Aires was my absolute favorite of the bunch. The rich culture and history of the city gave me a greater appreciation for the arts and food. It was then, during my two-week adventure in South America that I began developing a passion for history and diversity in the culinary field. Such passion has taken me to various spots on the globe but I must admit that none compares to Germany.

My first trip to the country came at the age of 32. I was seven years into my career as a banker and ready for a change when I, by chance, won a tidy sum at LeoVegas. Stress levels at work were at an all-time high when I decided to take my winnings and go on a vacation, so my decision to tour Germany was a sporadic one that involved me closing my eyes and pinpointing a region on the map. The good news is that such a method of choosing worked.

From the moment that my plane touched down in Germany until the second that it lifted off the ground at the end of my adventure, I felt the love. Nothing is quite as welcoming as good cuisine, which is the first thing that I was met with when I left the airport. There is a reason why Germany is famous for their sausages: they are good!

The historic scenery is also a sight to behold. Some people shy away from Germany because of the Nazi regime that challenged the world back in the times of World War II. I, however, find it essential to delve into history, which is why Berlin was the first stop that I made while on my tour of the country. One look at the rubbles of what once was the Berlin wall and I knew the importance of love and unity. It was almost as if I was transported back in time and could hear the marginalized crying out for help. Words cannot describe how powerful that moment was and how much it resonated with me long after my return to life as usual.

In many ways, my life was never the same after visiting Germany. I went to the country as a 32-year-old banker whose stress levels were off the scales, but I returned as someone who was refreshed and ready to explore the greater things in life such as family members and friends. I have been to many regions of the world since retiring from the field of finance but none of them hold a candlestick to Germany. You do not just get a vacation when you visit Berlin and other cities. Your experience is one of a lifetime that few have the pleasure of enjoying.

Such is the reason why I go back whenever plausible and give the inside scoop to prospective tourists. I want everyone to experience the hidden treasure that is Berlin, Germany.