Berlijn Forum

Berlijin forum

Some say that finding your profession in life is the best thing that can happen. I would have to disagree. After several years in the finance industry, I decided to trade my dream job for the thrill of traveling. I have seen everything from great walls to fascinating museums and I have to say that Berlin, Germany is quite frankly the best place I have visited. The sights are fabulous and the food is spectacular; that’s probably why I keep coming back to the territory for more.

Let’s not also forget the fantastic entertainment scene that Berlin has to offer with its great broadway like shows, amazing night clubs, the old casinos filled with gokkast gratis and the bars filled with oude gokkasten gratis spelen and these are the things we Dutchies love.

I created Berlijn forum for those interested in touring the region. The food is spectacular and special sites are larger than life. I am never disappointed with my visit to Berlin and have discovered a few hidden gems along the way. Consider this blog as your primary guide to all things Gorlitzer Park. You will get a taste of the city’s culture and what life would be like if you ever decided to permanently relocate to the area. My approach to telling the story of Berlin will provide you with current events that traditional travel books do not deliver.

Berlijinforum is for all, including those who do not presently desire to tour the city. Check out my “About Page’ to learn more about me and be sure to stay up-to-date with my blog.